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SaaS | Product Marketing

Content +
Thought Leadership

Elevate your brand and SEO with an integrated approach to your blog and social media strategy. By leveraging a piece of content – in this case, a blog – with a specific social media strategy, you can earn SEO for your website and show off your industry knowledge.

For this FunnelWise project…

  • We researched what types of articles and keywords marketing leaders were searching for and reading.
  • Created a blog to publish on the website and under the CEO’s LinkedIn profile.
  • Promoted the content through a series of posts over the next month.
SEO | Content Marketing

Design + Writing

Content marketing can earn the trust of your potential customers. By creating content focused on providing industry knowledge vs. selling them, you provide value from the start. The added plus, it can boost your website SEO when done right.

I have written + designed several eBooks, cheatsheets and guides to help FunnelWise and SalesEdge earn the trust of customers and early adopters.

Video | Blog Promotion

Story Telling + Design

Videos are becoming a “must” in social media marketing strategies. Many hesitate to make (and share) videos because of budget constraints. Well, the times are a changing.

If your story is valuable, interesting and genuine, your video can pack a punch. Keep it short, on point and authentic. A down-to-earth approach leads to amazing results.


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