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Gritty Results

I chose the name, Grit, because I’m tenacious about getting results for you.

As the CEO of Getting Gritty, I work my tail off to get your job done – and done right.

I’m a strategic marketer with decades of experience formulating and executing strategies. My approach isn’t to just do it because you think you should. We’ll figure out what’s best for you, discover the one that gets optimal results, beef up those efforts and then take on the next strategy to ensure you get superhero results.

Tenacious Solutions

Marketing Automation

Grit can help with marketing automation (proven experience with Marketo) and can map out complete website, email and nurture campaigns for every stage of your marketing, sales and customer lifecycle.

Content Marketing

Grit can write your next blog, eBook or guide packed with visuals to tell your story and optimize it for SEO. We can even develop a new concept to set you apart from competitors in your space. 

Strategy & Branding

If you don’t have a brand or a strategy in place, I can help you find your voice. If you have one in place, Grit makes sure to align with the look and feel of your brand. We talk your talk.

Design + Writing

I’m a designer that writes and a writer that designs. It’s a powerful combination that can achieve spot-on results and in less time. These two skills roll up into all the services Grit offers.

Story Telling

Sometimes you just need help telling your story. I do that, and I do it well. Presentations, videos and gifs to sell or communicate your product or services is critical to retention.

Thought Leadership

One key ingredient often missing from a marketing plan is thought leadership. The phrase is overused and often never executed. Why? The head of the company is too busy to add this to the mix.

Growth Hacking

Grit lives and breathes in the midwest, but has experience in software as a solution (SaaS). Technology allows me to deliver solutions for companies from the east to west coast – and with a Midwest work ethic that doesn’t cost extra. Here’s a snapshot of what we can do together!

Gain Traction

Gabriel Weinberg classifies all the marketing channels into 19 categories. While his book is for lean startups, this approach works for any industry with a lean budget. You can’t afford to be in each of them. Grit helps you identify where to start and achieve results.

Convert to Customers

Whatever traction channel you choose, you’ll need design and copy that converts. Grit can help get your prospects to convert through a variety of tactics – landing pages, marketing automation, sales drip campaigns or a content strategy.

Build Brand Loyalists

Removing the friction and barriers that prevent your customers from being your biggest fans is tough to see from the inside. Grit identifies the journey your customer takes and offers tactics to create a better experience that creates happiness for them (and you).


Rhonda works her ass off. I don’t know how else to say it. When she’s in on something, she is all in. You can trust her to give her full effort to anything that she is engaged with. I have never once questioned her work ethic or her level of effort because she always gives more than is asked for.

Matt Ostanik, CEO | FunnelWise


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